A great subtractive synth by lennar digital. Used by many famous music producers such as Hardwell, Martin Garrix and more.

The Classic one

Sylenth1 is a real classic and still relevant synth in the modern age made by lennar digital. Undoubtful one of the most used synths on the planet. This is because it’s not only available for a lot of years, but also for it’s great sound and ease of use. 

The synthesis is subtractive by using 4 alias-free unison oscillators that house classic waveforms such as sine, saw, square. Those are spread over 2 parts and are light on the CPU, so you can go up to 512 voices with this one. The sound is then routed into analog sounding filters with 4 filter stages.

Everything can be modulated with the section at the bottom. Envelopes, LFOs can be routed to most parameters. At the right there’s a modulation matrix which can map sources to destinations. 

Sounds and more

We’re currently creating sound banks for this amazing synth!

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