The first synth by XFER-Records. Very modern synth and popular amongst lots of producers.

Extreme Flexibility

Serum is one of the most popular synthesizers in the modern age. Created by Xfer Records, who also created the LFO Tool for sidechaining and filtering. The synth is a wavetable synth at is base and tries to be as simple as possible. It generates a high-quality sound. The user interface is just beautifull!

Wavetable synthesis is potentially a very complex matter, but Serum makes it a breeze. You can move through the table to creat tones that would otherwise not be possible with traditional subtractive devices. This movement can also be modulated with lfo’s and envelopes.

This monster goes more into depth than you would think when you look at it. You get lot’s of waveforms when you get it, but you can also use your own as we like to do. As dreams go, it’s a good start…


We’re currently creating sound banks for this amazing synth!


Our Favorite plugins

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