Instruments and VST Plugins

In the past you had all kinds of hardware synthesizers and machines. Nowadays every sound can be produced by software instruments. We create sound presets and banks for these vst synth plugins. Which instrument is your favorite?

Our Favorite plugins

Inspiration made easy

Have a look at the synthesizers that we all know and love. Making sounds for them is a tedious process that takes a lot of time.
Every device is just a little different.

There are a lot of principles and synthesis methods that they’re built on such as subtractive, wavetable, granular, frequency modulation(fm).

Even if you’re a tweaker and love making presets by tweaking all knobs it’s sometimes nice to get some inspiration from ready made packs.

Currently we are hard at work to create patches for Massive, Spire, Serum and Sylenth1. We think those machines are awesome!

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