Samples, plugins and presets

Are you producing edm dance music? Mostly looking for samples, loops, sound packs, vst instruments and effects for your music production?
We are working hard to create sounds for ableton, logic, fl studio, cubase, reason and many synths because we love that!

Just started producing?

To get started making music can be daunting and overwhelming because it’s a lot to take in. We know all about that but it’s a while ago. As beeing dance music producers for years whilse having experience in lot’s of digital audio workstations. So we like to provide you with advice!

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Ableton

Workflow speed-up by using the most useful shortcuts! Are you aiming for faster results in production because you want to be quicker? First of all our most important tip is to make use of keyboard shortcuts as much as possible.Mac OSX General Shortcuts TAB  –...

Ableton tips for music producers

Always looking to best quality and workflow? That's something we like too. On our quest to find new ways to work and produce we find a lot of interesting stuff on the internet. We care to share that what we find with you. Of course we use this page as a reference too,...

Creating drumloops automatically

Generating Loops? Importing premade drumloop samples is easy in Ableton Live. Making them yourself can take a lot of time. What if we told you it’s almost as easy to create you own loops from scratch only by selecting samples into the live view and perform...

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